Testing and Contact Info

Xaviant is looking for volunteer Game Testers in the Atlanta area to come in to the Studio, participate in formal game-play tests, and be a part of making our games great. No previous experience is required. All we need from Testers is an interest in playing games, a few hours of their time, an ability to clearly summarize responses to game-play, and a little patience with software that is a work-in-progress. Testing will begin in late 2012. If you do not hear from us immediately then please do not re-apply. Trust that we have your information and will respond when we have the appropriate test for your group.

If you are interested then please fill out the questionnaire below so we can contact candidates and schedule play-tests.  The questions are written to help us organize groups of specific gamer types.  We do not discriminate based on gender.  We do tailor test content to specific age groups.

The ESRB has Not Rated any testing content.  Play-test content will follow the ESRB guidelines for Teen rated content.  A Release and an NDA will be signed by the Tester or Tester Guardian before admission to the play-test lab.  Electronic devices are not permitted in the lab.


Email: info@Xaviant.com with the words ‘Play-Test’ in the header with any additional questions.